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Newborn - 18 months

Kindermusik Village, Newborn - 18 months     Foundations Class

Be a part of the magic as your baby to learns and grows through joyful, interactive activities like infant massage, limb exercises, dances, object and sound exploration, and exploring movement, language and sound. Whether you're turning a laundry basket into a "Zoom Buggy", swinging your baby in your arms, twirling under a parachute, popping bubbles, playing egg shakers or humming a lullaby, you can be certain that your baby is learning; that she is responding to your enjoyment and your time together; that you will take these experiences home and make them part of your daily interaction with your baby; and that all of these activities are expanding her horizons, abilities, and brain power! And you will always treasure the memories of this fleeting time together.

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Jessica A, Kindermusik Mom, says,

"My son started Kindermusik when he was 16 months old. He is now 20 months old. During this time his verbal skills have improved so much! He has formed friendships with children in the class, and is learning how to work/play with other children! His love for music is amazing! We are constantly singing songs from class, playing music, and doing something from class on a daily basis! Kindermusik is a must for building lifelong skills early on for children, and an amazing experience for both child and parent."