Toddler Music and Movement Classes - Our Time!

Level 2

Our Time: Level 2  18 months - 3 1/2 years

See your child bounce, rock, jump, swing, hop, twirl and dance for joy! As they sing, imagine, dance and play, we join you in cherishing their progress and celebrating blossoming confidence and competence.You won't miss a minute of the fun -- you will be busy flying, rolling and moving right alongside of your toddler, as you swirl a scarf and help them learn a steady beat with their shaker.

  You will both enjoy the movement, music, poems and games that help with language development, listening skills, social awareness and turn taking. You will take the fun home with you, as you enjoy the home CDs, instruments and books throughout the week, and incorporate all these new activities and skills into your daily life with your toddler.  

Most importantly, you will find a place to connect, with your child and with others. Come be a part of our Village.

Don't miss another minute --- join today! 

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Sydney Dew says:

My kids LOVE Miss Roz's Kindermusik classes! My 5 month old loves grinning at all the other babies and is benefiting from all of the movement. He has become more social and better at looking people in the eyes for interaction since starting the class. My two year old is obsessed. We listen to our CD's nonstop, so she has every song memorized and sings them all day. She loves recreating the dances and showing me her new skills. We have so much fun learning through Kindermusik!

Jessica A, Kindermusik Mom, says,

"My son started Kindermusik when he was 16 months old. He is now 20 months old. During this time his verbal skills have improved so much! He has formed friendships with children in the class, and is learning how to work/play with other children! His love for music is amazing! We are constantly singing songs from class, playing music, and doing something from class on a daily basis! Kindermusik is a must for building lifelong skills early on for children, and an amazing experience for both child and parent."